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Our online English language course, designed to improve your English speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills, allows you to explore new employment and study opportunities worldwide.


As you know, English is a global language that enables us to communicate confidently in foreign countries; everyone must learn it. Especially if you want to study abroad or go there for work-related reasons, you must be proficient in English. OIS English Language Course is mainly designed for this purpose.
In this course, you will learn about English grammar and vocabulary, and there will be some helpful practice tests to help you improve your language skills regarding speaking, listening, writing, and reading. At OIS, we are committed to enabling people to learn English and achieve their goals. We realize that not everyone needs to focus on the same area of study, as there are individuals with a firm grip on grammar but incompetent in understanding what’s written on the IELTS test. You will discover in our course fully customized English


Learning English online is a great way to enhance your language skills. While studying, when you speak it yourself, this empowers you to participate in English language learning classes at your own time and convenience. OIS Online English Learning Course will help you confidently give IELTS speaking test questions and talk with nearby English people. It will also help you understand English films and talk shows easily. Moreover, unlike other platforms where you must be bound to their constraints, our course enables you to learn the language whenever you are passionate and have time.


Taking an English language course at Online IELTS School (OIS) will help you fulfill all the requirements to increase your overall knowledge level. Also, it enhances your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, which can help you get good scores on your IELTS preparation exam.

Studying online or at any institution will enable you to take the IELTS preparation exam and gain a good grade. OIS English Language course online will help you prepare for the IELTS exam and strengthen your overall English language abilities for a confident and wealthy future.
No matter what you learn, practice is critical to help you get better at it. Daily practice in our English Language course will allow you to understand the vocabulary and see how to use it anywhere in a sentence. Additionally, it will help to improve your communication skills.
Another benefit of taking this test is that you can clear all your doubts. With no time limitations, you can easily take an English language class at your convenience. Online tutors will always be available; if you notice any difficulty with anything, a tutor will guide you and clarify your concepts.

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You will learn:
  • Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing
  • Our Canada-based IELTS online tutors help students understand different parts of the IELTS test and develop different interactive strategies to speak, listen, read, and write effectively. Knowledge of Vocabulary and critical thinking
  • In the English Language Course, you will learn how to think critically. And enhance vocabulary. English Fluency and Self-Confidence
You will be capable of improving your English spoken and written communication fluency and developing confidence for the IELTS exam.
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